Season the concentration Zen

Oss… everyone, Season Zen Concentration. We will begin the Zen meditation of this season sitting simply in a chair, where you must assume a comfortable position, your back must be straight, a good adhesion of your buttocks to the chair, your two feet parallel in front of her leaning on the floor,

You have three strong points of contact: your feet on the floor and your buttocks on the chair. A great connection to feel control of your balance, is the base to create a solid action and reaction.


When sitting, the balance has 3 points of support. When standing there are 2 points, right and left foot, when walking we generate action and reaction in movement and we can simply walk, in this way we can feel the balance and we balance it when moving, walking, running, riding a bicycle In general, any activity that we have. In this case our point of balance and fundamental equilibrium is in the Chair and the connection to the Earth with the feet… Positive and negative and earth 3 fundamental aspects to feel the connection to the earth, and project our energy towards space, towards the universe, into eternity.  

We become aware of this position and begin to focus our attention on the inhalation and exhalation. At the end of the exhalation we make ventral pressure creating an explosion in the direction of the Chair, towards the fundamental and strong point of our Union to the earth that through the Chair, this explosion in our belly allows us to bathe our body with the energy of the air by transforming it into energy. That is Zen in Movement or Zen meditation sitting in zazen, or just sitting like now in a chair, anywhere you can do Zen meditation, when you wait your turn at a doctor’s appointment, then… you sit down, fold your hands, Create the bridge with your hands and unite your energy with the energy of the universe. Just breathe in and out, do the ventral pressure in each Ki breath cycle, so you will live each moment, you can enjoy the wait, having the patience to wait,

When they say your name, you will be attended to. Time passes in the same way when you are waiting or being at the time of the appointment with your doctor. Time passes anyway.

How we enjoy each moment, how we give value to each moment, That is the message of this introduction of patience to be able to identify the moment and live it.

By increasing patience it will give you calm to wait for your moment…

In this 24-episode La Concentración Zen season, we will learn to focus every moment of our daily lives. By simply dedicating a few minutes to the Oxygenation of our body and mind through KI breathing and acquiring a habit in a good Zazen position to meditate Zen correctly…

enjoy today’s meditation… OSS

Lets go to the course

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