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Oss… everyone, Zen Concentration Season. We will begin the Zen meditation for this season by sitting simply on a chair, where you should assume a comfortable position, your back should be straight, a good grip of your buttocks on the chair, your two feet parallel in front of it, resting on the floor.

Welcome to an exciting and transformative journey into the depths of Zen concentration and inner serenity! In this exceptional course comprising 24 captivating videos, we invite you to embark on a unique voyage that will take you to the very core of Zen practice. Here, in this sacred space of learning, you will discover the ancestral treasures that will enable you to cultivate a serene mind and inner calm that transcend the tumult and distractions of modern life.

Zen, with its rich history and philosophy rooted in Eastern wisdom, offers a path to mental clarity and inner peace. Through Zen concentration and Zazen meditation, you will learn to explore the deepest corners of your mind, to tame the fluctuations of your thoughts, and to find stillness amidst the constant noise that surrounds us.

Throughout this course, you will not only immerse yourself in the fundamental techniques of Zen meditation but also uncover how Ki breathing can become a bridge between your inner and outer worlds. Ki Breathing will provide you with a powerful tool to ground yourself in the present moment, nourish your vital energy, and open yourself to deeper states of concentration.

Each of the 24 videos in this course has been carefully designed to guide you through a gradual and transformative process. From the basics to the profound practices, you will be accompanied every step of the way by experts in the field of Zen and meditation.

The inner calm you will cultivate throughout this course will not be confined to formal practice sessions; it will be a quality that spills over into every corner of your life. You will discover how Zen can transform your relationships, how it can help you face daily challenges with a clearer mind, and how it can open you up to the wonder and mystery of the universe that surrounds you.

So, without further ado, we invite you to dive into this journey of self-discovery, transformation, and deep connection. Get ready to unlock the ancestral secrets of Zen concentration and inner calm through Ki and Zazen meditation! Welcome to your new chapter of serenity and mental clarity!

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