ZEN IN Golf mental training at springtree golf course


choose activities for you and your child, basic techniques clinics, saturdays trainings & play 9 holes.







Presential Short game Training at Springtree Country Club

Short Game Individual or couples Every Thursday
training in putting, chipping, approach, and bunker play.

The individualized course focuses on mental training and emotional control during the golf swing, essential for players at all levels.

We learn to manage the speed of the backswing and downswing, key elements for a successful shot.

Balance control is taught, vital for consistency and accuracy in each stroke. Furthermore, we delve into the proper selection of the wedge club around the green, a critical decision that can significantly influence the game.

The course strategy is to develop a deep understanding of these aspects, enhancing technique and decision-making on the field.

Those who register will receive the Online Zen in Golf Mental Training program monthly, which will be fundamentally helpful in their personal training.
The cost for each one-hour training session is $70 each. For a session lasting one hour and 45 minutes, the cost is $100.

You must bring your golf bag and appropriate clothing.


Short Game Course every Friday, 
Maximum 8 golfer 9:00am to 12:00pm

The Short Line System is designed to establish a habit and develop muscle memory through 21 specific workouts, meticulously structured to enhance every aspect of your short game. This comprehensive approach includes mental control, essential for maintaining focus and calm under pressure. Basic technique is refined to ensure each movement is efficient and effective. Movement control is crucial for accuracy, while speed and balance are adjusted to optimize each stroke. Impact is closely examined to ensure perfect interaction with the ball, resulting in more consistent and predictable shots. By the end of the program, players will not only have improved their short game but will also have integrated these key elements into their muscle memory, allowing them to execute them naturally and effectively on the course.

Those registered will receive the Online Zen in Golf Mental Training program for free, which will be helpful in their personal training.
Cost of plan #1 $120  and 2,3 and 4 will be $120 Each

You must bring your golf bag and appropriate clothing.


program Short Line System; maximun 10 persons:

1- Introduction to the Program 9:00 am – 9:45am:
2- Putt Union of the Putt to the body 9:45 am – 10:45am
3- Chipping meet the movement and connection Club and body more movement 10:45 am – 11:30am
4- Approach control of distance to flag 25, 35, 55 yards 11:30am – 12:15pm


Lunch: $10 – 12 – 1:00pm

Play 9 holes $24.61 and 18 $31.03 before 2:00pm 

Welcome to our Spanish and English online course.

A transformative 8-week experience held every Monday. In this course, we will focus on exercises to improve breathing and Zazen meditation techniques, both seated and in motion, emulating the experience on a golf course.
In addition to these breath-focused and meditation practices, the course will include practical sessions of putting and chipping, both indoors and outdoors. These practices are designed to complement the concentration and calmness skills obtained through meditation, applying them directly to technical aspects of golf.
A key focus of this course is the creation of a solid habit in personal training and the building of specific muscle memory. Through repetition and conscious practice, each participant will develop training routines that will not only improve their golf technique but also foster a greater connection between mind and body.
Each course session is carefully structured to teach how to center the mind and body, creating a direct link with the serene and concentrated nature of golf. Through regular practice, you will develop a habit and muscle memory that will translate into significant improvement in your golf swing, as well as in your putting and chipping.
By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have acquired valuable tools to improve your performance in golf, both in short and long games, and to lead a more balanced and centered life. I am excited to guide you on this path towards improving your game and personal enrichment. Prepare to transform your approach to golf and life!

We will create a Habit & Muscle Memory in 21 Specific Training. Basic Technique and control of movement, speed, balance, equilibrion & impact.

Four trainings, orientation and 21 practices at home with our OnLine Zen in Golf Mental training program, Where we will do the daily follow-up of your progress in the construction of your golf swing.

Ki breathing program with Zen techniques, you will be able to improve and increase your inner physical and mental strength through the air you breathe.

Zen Meditation Program, sitting in the Zafu or in a chair, we will learn to feel our emotions and control them, to increase our patience and emotional control of the moment when playing and in competition.

It’s all on you to create a change of attitude and physical strength in the swing movement and be efficient in your game.

Improve 100% your acurazy, your AIM, control over the distance in each golf club, your game strategy, and of course your score for each round.
You will see the game with different eyes and control over every decision on the golf course during your game.

Discover how you can hit with more precision; 

  1. A perfect direction to the flag, 
  2. Know your distance, increase it in each of the clubs,
  3. Improve the technique,
  4. Mobility of the body,

How to use the body to generate more power and swing speed and know exactly the speed to use in the back and down swing.

Control over you Body

  1. Good and clear Rutine
  2. Control over your body
  3. Control over your speed and moment to impact the ball
  4. Control over your entorno en competition
  5. Control over distance all your golf club 
  6. Control over your AIM and precition
  7. Total control over your game

Obtain more mental and physical control

by improving breathing and that this can increase the power of the body

With Zen meditation, we will be able to fasten our concentration and mental attitude by doing so, we will have control of the environment and we will multiply the security of what we know with the confidence to apply it in our game and in competition.

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