Who is Ivan Mayor

Ivan D. Mayor

Professional Objective:

With a rich background as an instructor and founder of programs and organizations related to Golf, Karate-do, and Zen in Movement, my goal is to continue contributing to the holistic development and growth of individuals in both their personal lives and in sports, sharing my extensive knowledge with the community.

Professional History:

Founder and Master, WOZM – World Organization of Zen Movement

Zen Online and Zen in Golf (Since 2011)

Professional Golf Mental Coach (Since 2010)

Founder, Ivan Mayor Golf Academy

Locations: Bonaventure CC, Grand Palms CC, Cooper City, Florida.

Founder, Weston Open Junior Championship Tournament (2008)

Golf Instructor, Bonaventure Country Club (2004-2014)

Founder of Bonaventure Golf Academy (2004)

Shotokan Black Belt 6th DAN – 1985

Trained under Sensei Nishiyama

Founder, Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do (1974)

Karate-do Instructor for 25 years

Co-Founder, Federación Colombiana de Karate-do (1974)

High-Performance Instructor for 15 years

Sensei, Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do (For 25 years)

President of Liga de Antioquia (1994-1998)
Major Accomplishments

Honorable Mention, Golf Us Kids Top 50 (2010)

Recognized among the top 50 golf instructors in the U.S. for outstanding work with young students/players.

Received 6th DAN in Karate from FPK (1985)

Karate Recognitions (2014)

Two of my top students were awarded World Championships in Karate.

Successful in specialized teaching of golf to students on the Autism Spectrum.

Additional Comment:

“My Online Zen School is on the verge of reaching five digits in affiliates, marking a significant milestone in spreading messages of peace and transformation through Zen in Movement. The School is not only a space for spiritual growth but also provides individuals with valuable tools to induce positive changes in their family and personal lives through the practice and philosophy of Zen.”

My life and my family

I was born in the picturesque city of Santiago de Chile in 1954, bearing the name Ivan Daniel Mayor Mejias. From my earliest days, I identified myself as a global citizen. In 1972 sali de mi Pais sin un rumbo fijo, life led me to chart my course in Colombia in 1973, a vibrant and lively country where I settled until 2003. These three Colombian decades provided me with a life full of enriching experiences and significant learnings that deeply shaped my identity and molded my unique view of the world.

The year 2003 brought a significant change, a new chapter in my life: I decided to move to the United States. This change represented not only an adjustment to a new culture and a different lifestyle but also became a window of opportunity for reinvention. Here, in the land of the stars and stripes, I have continued to contribute to society with my accumulated skills and knowledge.

Fifteen years ago, I went through a separation process. From that marriage, three fundamental pillars in my life were born: my children Veronica, Valeria, and Daniel. Each of them, with their different and unique paths, has been a source of immense pride and joy for me. We are united by an unbreakable family bond and unconditional love that accompanies us at every step.

Moreover, life has blessed me with seven wonderful grandchildren: Marcelo, Camila, Martin, Sara, Sebastian, and Valentina. Each of them has brought a unique and special spark to my existence, giving me countless moments of happiness and providing additional reasons to look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Today, with a baggage full of experiences and memories, I continue to build my life with determination and hope. I look to the future with expectations but without losing sight of the roots and family ties that have defined and strengthened my being over the years. With the past as my foundation and the future as my horizon, I move forward, always forward.

Strokes of Clarity: My Journey through Zen in Golf

Zen in Golf Control Short Game.

Strokes of Clarity: My Journey through Zen in Golf,  delves into the synergy between Zen meditation, Ki energy, and the ancient art of golf, offering a transformative path to mastery and inner balance on the course. This book summary not only highlights the importance of refined technique but also unveils how spiritual connection and mental discipline can elevate one’s game to new heights. Through deep meditation practices and an understanding of Ki energy flow, golfers will learn to cultivate unwavering focus and a presence that transcends the physical act of swinging. By embracing Zen principles, this guide leads readers to a state of flow and tranquility, where each stroke becomes a meditation in motion and every game, an opportunity to explore the vast inner landscape of being. With “Strokes of Clarity,” golfers embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning to navigate the ups and downs of competition with wisdom, peace, and a profound connection to the life force that animates every moment on the field.

The short game in golf, encompassing shots within 100 yards of the green, is critical for achieving low scores and is often considered the true differentiator among golfers of varying levels. This aspect of golf tests a player’s precision, control, and creativity, demanding a fine blend of technique, strategic decision-making, and adaptability. The main components of the short game include putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots, each with its own set of challenges and techniques. Mastering the short game requires not just physical skill but also a strong mindset, capable of remaining calm under pressure and accurately assessing risks. Focused practice, from club selection to swing control and handling various types of terrain, is essential. Ultimately, the short game is where a round of golf is won or lost, turning good rounds into great victories.

ZENDO "The Zen Way" Book 1

Zen Concentration,  written by Iván D. Mayor, is an enlightening book that guides readers through the depth of Zen philosophy applied to the art of living with full awareness. This book emerges as a beacon for those wishing to delve into their meditative practice and achieve a state of concentration capable of withstanding the relentless distractions of modern life. Iván D. Mayor shares ancient teachings and meditation methods that invite us to discover silence and the fullness of the present moment, establishing a deep connection with our essential being and the world around us.

With language that reaches directly to the heart, “Zen Concentration” unveils the secrets of a serene mind, offering practical strategies to cultivate inner peace and extraordinary mental clarity. This work is a gateway to personal transformation, encouraging the reader to change their perception of reality through conscious observation and total presence, freeing us from the bonds of automatic thought and opening the path to genuine freedom.

Targeted not only at Zen practitioners or those interested in meditation but at anyone seeking a more deliberate and harmonious existence, “Zen Concentration” by Iván D. Mayor is a compendium of wisdom that lights the way to conscious and balanced living, an invaluable resource in today’s fast-paced world.

For those looking to start a habit change towards deeper emotional well-being, the Online Zen School offers a bridge to personal transformation. Our books, available on Amazon and narrated on Vimeo, as well as on our website, are essential tools to guide you on this journey. Each page and voice carries the promise of a new dawn in your personal and spiritual development. Immerse yourselves in these sources of Zen wisdom and let them be the vehicle towards a fuller, more conscious life. Begin your path to balance and inner peace today.

My 30 years in the eternal spring

In addition to forging a life rich in experiences and learning in Medellín, my journey in this vibrant city allowed me not only to build well-rounded karatekas but also to harvest thousands of friends and followers of my teachings. This achievement goes far beyond the tatami; it represents the creation of a strong community united by fundamental values such as respect, discipline, and perseverance that karate teaches. Every training session became a moment to share not just martial arts techniques but also vital lessons that deeply resonate with the resilient character and warmth of the Paisas.

This fabric of human relationships strengthened over time, reflecting the spirit of camaraderie, solidarity, and mutual support that characterizes Medellín. Throughout these three decades, every encounter, every overcome challenge, and every shared success contributed to building a legacy of impact and meaning.

My years here have been an extraordinary adventure, marked by moments of immense joy, overcoming obstacles, and deep gratitude towards this land and its people. Medellín was not just the backdrop for my personal and professional growth; it became the home where my passion for karate and teaching found a greater purpose. The city and its inhabitants embraced my vision, allowing me to transform a martial practice into a way of life that enriches both the teacher and the learner. This journey has undoubtedly been a testament to how dedication, love for what one does, and connection with the community can create lasting positive change.

Zen in Golf Short Game V1

Welcome to Zen in Golf, the dedicated space for all those passionate about golf who seek to elevate their game through the integration of zen practices and philosophies. We are excited to announce the release of our latest work, “Short Game: Mastering the Art of the Short Game” – Volume 1. This book marks the beginning of a series that promises to transform the way you approach the short game, an essential yet often underestimated aspect of golf.

“Short Game” is not just another book on golf techniques; it is an invitation to explore how serenity, presence, and focus can significantly influence your performance on the field. Through its pages, we will guide you on a journey that combines technical skills with mental practices, designed to help you remain calm under pressure, improve your concentration, and maximize every shot.

Highlighted features of the book:

  • Essential Short Game Techniques: Uncover the secrets behind approach shots, chips, pitches, and putts, and how to execute them with precision and confidence.
  • Zen Philosophy Applied to Golf: Learn to integrate zen principles into your game to enhance concentration, patience, and acceptance, key elements for a successful short game.
  • Practical Exercises: Includes exercises designed to strengthen your mental and physical game, allowing you to practice not only on the field but also in any space of tranquility.
  • Inspirational Stories: Stories of golfers at all levels who have transformed their short game and mental approach through the teachings shared in this book.

“Short Game: Mastering the Art of the Short Game” – Volume 1 is more than a manual; it’s your companion on the path to golfing excellence, merging mind and technique for a harmonious and effective game. We invite you to embark on this journey with us and discover how the integration of mind, body, and spirit can take your short game – and your enjoyment of golf – to new heights.

Now available for purchase on our website. Elevate your game to the next level with “Short Game” and experience the difference Zen can make in your golf!

Zen in Golf Short Game V2

Coming soon Volumen 2 and 3

Welcome to the Six-Month Training Plan to Improve Your Golf Short Game

Are you ready to transform your short game on the golf course? The Zen in Golf Short Game 2 book offers a unique opportunity to hone your skills and reach a higher level. Over the next six months, you’ll immerse yourself in a program designed to revolutionize your short game techniques.

What can you expect from this training plan?

  1. Technique Change: You’ll learn new strategies and approaches for handling putts, chips, and bunker shots. Our experts will guide you step by step, helping you unlearn old habits and adopt more effective techniques.

  2. Muscle Memory: Consistency is key in golf. Through specific exercises and repetitions, you’ll develop muscle memory that allows you to execute precise movements automatically. Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when facing a crucial putt, knowing your body knows exactly what to do.

  3. Lasting Habits: It’s not just about the six months of training. We want these improvements to be permanent. We’ll teach you how to integrate these new skills into your daily routine so they become part of your natural game.

Get ready for an exciting journey toward short game mastery. Let’s get started!

Zen in Golf Short Game V3

Unlock the Power of Mind and Body in Golf

Welcome to Volume 3 of the Zen in Golf Short Game series. Over the next six months, you’ll delve into a training plan that goes beyond physical techniques. In this edition, we’ll explore the mental aspects and how they can transform your game.

What can you expect from this training plan?

  1. Zen in Movement: You’ll learn to apply zen principles while moving around the golf course. Concentration, presence, and calmness will be your allies in executing precise shots. Imagine your mind syncing with each movement, taking you to a zone of peak efficiency.

  2. Walking Zen Meditation: Discover how walking mindfully can enhance your focus and reduce anxiety. Zen meditation while walking will help you release tension and connect with the golf course environment in a unique way.

  3. KI Breathing: Breath control is key. You’ll learn specific breathing techniques that allow you to stay composed under pressure. Picture inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt before every swing.

Get ready for a journey toward mental and physical excellence in golf. Let’s explore the power of zen! 

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