Who is Ivan Mayor

Ivan D. Mayor

Professional Objective:

With a rich background as an instructor and founder of programs and organizations related to Golf, Karate-do, and Zen in Movement, my goal is to continue contributing to the holistic development and growth of individuals in both their personal lives and in sports, sharing my extensive knowledge with the community.

Professional History:

Founder and Master, WOZM – World Organization of Zen Movement

Zen Online and Zen in Golf (Since 2011)

Professional Golf Mental Coach (Since 2010)

Founder, Ivan Mayor Golf Academy

Locations: Bonaventure CC, Grand Palms CC, Cooper City, Florida.

Founder, Weston Open Junior Championship Tournament (2008)

Golf Instructor, Bonaventure Country Club (2004-2014)

Founder of Bonaventure Golf Academy (2004)

Shotokan Black Belt 6th DAN – 1985

Trained under Sensei Nishiyama

Founder, Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do (1974)

Karate-do Instructor for 25 years

Co-Founder, Federación Colombiana de Karate-do (1974)

High-Performance Instructor for 15 years

Sensei, Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do (For 25 years)

President of Liga de Antioquia (1994-1998)
Major Accomplishments

Honorable Mention, Golf Us Kids Top 50 (2010)

Recognized among the top 50 golf instructors in the U.S. for outstanding work with young students/players.

Received 6th DAN in Karate from FPK (1985)

Karate Recognitions (2014)

Two of my top students were awarded World Championships in Karate.

Successful in specialized teaching of golf to students on the Autism Spectrum.

Additional Comment:

“My Online Zen School is on the verge of reaching five digits in affiliates, marking a significant milestone in spreading messages of peace and transformation through Zen in Movement. The School is not only a space for spiritual growth but also provides individuals with valuable tools to induce positive changes in their family and personal lives through the practice and philosophy of Zen.”

My life and my family

I was born in the picturesque city of Santiago de Chile in 1954, bearing the name Ivan Daniel Mayor Mejias. From my earliest days, I identified myself as a global citizen. In 1972 sali de mi Pais sin un rumbo fijo, life led me to chart my course in Colombia in 1973, a vibrant and lively country where I settled until 2003. These three Colombian decades provided me with a life full of enriching experiences and significant learnings that deeply shaped my identity and molded my unique view of the world.

The year 2003 brought a significant change, a new chapter in my life: I decided to move to the United States. This change represented not only an adjustment to a new culture and a different lifestyle but also became a window of opportunity for reinvention. Here, in the land of the stars and stripes, I have continued to contribute to society with my accumulated skills and knowledge.

Fifteen years ago, I went through a separation process. From that marriage, three fundamental pillars in my life were born: my children Veronica, Valeria, and Daniel. Each of them, with their different and unique paths, has been a source of immense pride and joy for me. We are united by an unbreakable family bond and unconditional love that accompanies us at every step.

Moreover, life has blessed me with seven wonderful grandchildren: Marcelo, Camila, Martin, Sara, Sebastian, and Valentina. Each of them has brought a unique and special spark to my existence, giving me countless moments of happiness and providing additional reasons to look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Today, with a baggage full of experiences and memories, I continue to build my life with determination and hope. I look to the future with expectations but without losing sight of the roots and family ties that have defined and strengthened my being over the years. With the past as my foundation and the future as my horizon, I move forward, always forward.