Empower your mind- Take control of your game of golf

Make the best of your golf game with ivan mayor, zen master and golf coach

Zen in movement is the “Do” way towards our inner being, it will empower us and give us the power to control ourselves and control and train our EGO as a great spiritual friend. Together we will be able to meditate and properly breathe, our concentration will be specifically focused upon meditation, therefore we will find values that will help us to better feel and understand our life, we will achieve patience to do what we wish and have the calmness to do it, we will achieve control over our actions and physical and mental reactions; to be able to exactly identify how to apply Zen ACTION. Our school will show you the way…From the first step.


Developed for your improvement and enjoyment


Zen is meditation. Therefore, Zen in Movement is meditation in movement. Zen is the Action of submitting the situation and the opponent to the moment. Zen is attitude over the situation and how you respond. Zen is the control of the whole Environment

the SHORt line system

ZEN in Golf, will help you identify and use all your mental power at the very moment of striking the ball, our mental and physical control will be in a state of ZEN when swinging the club, when using the power of Action and Reaction as natural support; we can move our bodies with absolute control, while controlling emotion, speed and mastering all circumstances and environment -surroundings.


It is the union of all our inner energy. We will learn how to increase improve it through Ki breathing exercises. We identify it as the vitality and strength of our body. Everything in life is energy, our goal will be to increase it in the best possible way.

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