With Zen in Movement you will achieve more control over your body in all your movements during physical actions and reactions. You will also achieve greater physical and mental control of your abilities in the sport you practice. You will make body and mind come together through your inner Ki (energy) to achieve greater precision when dealing with stimulus from your surrounding environment. 

Zen in Zazen:
As we sit down to practice Zen Meditation, we will gradually enter into ourselves and we will go into a slow mental process.  We will begin to feel the moment of emptiness, of separating and selecting our thoughts. Every day, we will increase that freedom, progressing towards our interior in peace and tranquility. Our emotions will be greater and we can control them in Zazen (sitting meditation). 

Zen in ShiZenTai:
We will meditate standing and moving. We will learn to fix our mind on what we are doing by practicing the breathing techniques in displacements with absolute concentration, which will allow us to dominate the movement and the moment to do it. We will increase the experience of moving mentally and physically in techniques that allow us to strengthen the union of energy with our mind and body.


Our mission is to strengthen the World Organization Zen in Movement (W.O.Z.M.) in all countries and give everyone the opportunity to join its path in order to achieve inner peace and a stronger spirit; building a stronger body and mind to obtain greater lucidity for our later years, and multiply our Ki energy, so that when we leave Earth we can achieve a higher energy state.



Our Vision is to take Zen in Movement worldwide, helping all those who want to change their habits, and to find within themselves that which gives them peace and tranquility at all times. Together, we will generate the energy and power from our Ki necessary to make this world greater.

Your mind, body and spirit are connected: shin-ki-waza

Zen is Action and there are four steps in life that determine the result of this action: the mind, energy, the body, and all those factors that generate an internal response that leads to a reaction to the external stimulus. Therefore, we must be prepared to act at the exact moment.  In Golf, we will learn mental preparation, controlled body movement and controlled swing dynamics to calmly and confidently impact your ball and achieve your desired effect and result, that is – placing your ball close to the pin. Through controlling our mind, body, action and reaction, we will learn how to control our nerves, increase our concentration, increase our confidence,  increase our enjoyment and decrease our score.

Shin is the Power and the Mental Attitude to use 100% of your body.  The body moves only if the Shin gives the order.  Shin also controls the technical form in doing so, the speed of action and reaction in the realization of the movement. The source that unites and empowers the mind and body is the Ki, which is the source of energy that generates the action and reaction of the body’s movement.

Ki is the internal energy that every being possesses and we in particular identify and can increase our KI to create greater vitality in body movements and expressions.
The Ki is the bridge between the mind and body, it causes the body to perform the movements under a mental order to move.
We use the Ki in all movements we do, in a specific technical form of sport and in everyday life … That is the KI..

Waza is our body.  It is the technical form of the specific movement that we teach, the vehicle to which we give physical form to any reaction that the Shin produces. The Ki is the bridge and energy that gives the body vitality to achieve your desired movement.
We can train and improve our daily and specific movements of our sport by controlling our body (waza).

Jipsu is the environment that surrounds us and all the information we can capture through the senses; what causes an action and mental and physical reaction in our being. With Jipsu we can have the exact reaction to the perceived stimulus and respond accordingly… we can manage and control our situation at all times.



Ivan Mayor

Zen Master & Founder Zen in Movement

Founder and Instructor of WOZM – World Organization of Zen Movement, ZEN Online and ZEN in Golf (2011)

Professional Golf Coach since 2003

6th Degree Black Belt, Karate Shotokon, Sensei Master


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