All our programs are designed to create a spiritual change in the lives of our members. In order to achieve this, we will transform our breath into energy and inner power. We will increase our inner vitality “Ki,” which is the engine that drives our body. By correctly doing this we achieve the attitude and mental fortitude necessary to perform and control all of our daily activities.


Zen will teach us to control the action and reaction of every movement we make. We will teach our body to meditate sitting down or standing and moving. To have power and control over our mental and physical concentration at any time. We will learn to give 100% in all of our activities. Most importantly we will learn to enjoy the moment. That is the Zen path.


Zen in Golf is the ability to control your mental and physical emotions while performing your swing under any situation. Golf is 100% mental, by that we mean that your ability to play at your peak level starts with the correct mental approach, one that is based in Patience, Calmness and Concentration. Only then will you be able to be consistent in your movements and produce the shots you desire.


Aiki is the way in which we unite and strengthen our inner energy and transfer its full power to our mind and body. Through it we can strengthen our emotions, thoughts, desires, love, decisions, movements, etc. Simply put, Aiki is the union of our inner power to achieve greatness.


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By working on our mind, our thoughts will work with us to make purposeful decisions

Improving the quality of our thoughts brings profound changes to our own value system. A purpose driven life has no fears, limitations or excuses. When our purpose becomes more powerful than our doubt, taking action becomes easier and our path to success is walked with less resistance.

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