Meditation Zen in Movement

Therefore, we will find the values that will help us to better ourselves in order to feel and understand our life.  We will acquire patience to do what we wish, and have the calmness to achieve our goals.  We will achieve control over our actions with physical and mental reactions, to be able to exactly identify how to apply Zen ACTION. Our school will show you the way…from the very first step.

Three Step To Increase The power of your Inner energy with Zen Online training


Ki Breath in ShiZenTai In Movement

To live and move, we need air in order to breathe. It is the energy that allows us to feel emotions and control in all of our thoughts and physical actions to survive. Everything is movement and there we will learn to breathe better and create more energy and power in our body and mind to move with more ease and skill.


Meditation Zen in Zazen sitting

Zazen is meditating sitting down and becoming aware of Ki breathing and emotions and thoughts, which we will seek to control in just not only thinking about anything, but by the message of meditation. It will help us focus our attention on what we want to do and be effective at it.


Create a Zen Habit in Meditation

In three steps and 21 days, we will create a habit in Zen Meditation. We will open the door that leads to our interior, where we will find a void and mental emptiness by feeling and being able to control our emotions. We will be able to control the air we breathe and we will convert it into energy.

ZenClassOnLine School

Course to create a habit Zen in 24 workouts FREE

Course Free of 24 Zen Meditation and breathing, where you will create a habit with Zen. When you finish, you will be ready to begin to internalize your emotions and enjoy every moment of your life. Try to start the change with Zen

Level 2 course to start inner change

By creating your Zen habit, the door will open to enter inside you and feel that you can control your emotions and all the movements of your body. At that time, you will understand the emptiness or mental emptiness in ShiZenTai and Zazen.

Zen in Golf Mental Training

Our system of integrated Body and Mind allows us to achieve the complete control over our body when swinging the club. This means that the body does what we tell it to do and performs the basic swing technique, the body does what we order it to do with the timing and speed of action and reaction.

Zen in Movement

Zen Meditation in Motion where you will learn to move under absolute mental control over your body, you achieve it using your inner power or Ki energy. Also inner peace with Zen Meditation in Zazen where you will enter into yourself, focusing on everything in a moment and you will not think about everything… but about the message of the meditation.

We will strengthen our Shin Ki Waza

Shin is the Zen in mind, it is our reasoning ability to act correctly. With Zen, we can activate our mind and give it power and attitude to control all our emotions and thoughts in the different activities.
Shin = Our mind
Ki is the Energy that every being has, but in our case, we will increase and use it in our life with Zen, in each training we will feel it and move our body with that vitality in each movement
KI = Our Energy
Waza is our body in which we will teach to use it and make the most of Ki energy, which is the power that allows us to generate our mobility at all times, The Shin generates order and movement, The Ki gives the body vitality to do it and the Waza is our body that performs the action and reaction of what we intend to do.
Waza = Our Body


The time to sit in the Zafu has come. Make your decision to enter the Online Zen School to make a change in your life. There in his house with his family… From now on, welcome to change and the beginning of a new path. good luck

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