Zen in Golf Mental Training and Short Line System 

Zen In Golf Mental Training and Short Line System. two OnLine Mental and Physical training. Aimed at total control of the mental attitude and physical aptitudes of creating a good basic technique in your golf swing.

Golf is 100% Mental, you are the only one who assumes the responsibility to do it and succeed in the strategy you use, your fight is against the course and get the best score in each round. 

We have created these martial programs that will help you understand the swing motion, the simple and easy technical way to move your body, to use the thick muscles and to feel the connection of your golf club with your body and then to feel the intensity of the swing that made contact to the ball which is seeing the final result.

Everything is how we integrate the golf club into our mind and body with absolute mental and physical control of it.

You can do all of this at home and at your golf club, where you will find the answers to control your emotions, your Calmness, and how to handle the situation and the entire environment that surrounds you in your round.

If you play? With your knowledge and with this system, you will be able in all of the 21 workouts to create a training habit and muscle memory using the internal and external forces of the body.

Watch and listen carefully to the 6 steps to make the change through these 6 videos, then you can contact me and I will help you make the change.

Oss… thanks for watching and listening to Systema Zen in Golf Mental Training

Six steps to know, do and apply Zen to Golf

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