Zen in Golf system short Line:

Zen in Golf; Our learning system is based on mentally controlling movement; also how to use it in the Golf swing; How we know and identify mentally in Golf the Short Line and then complete a long line that is all our Back swing and Dawn swing. Everything in the human being is mental … we will be able to know, do and be effective in Golf with Zen in Movement.



The first step in our Short Line system is; the Back swing we divide it into two (2) times to be able to move the body; the rotation of the body, the action and reaction of the body and the point of support of the body on the floor through its legs generating an internal action with it and starting an external reaction in motion with the specific technique of the golf swing.


The second step in our Short Line system; As we create, we handle the power of the action and internal reaction of the body by starting the Short Line in the Back swing.

  • When starting the Back swing we generate an external action looking for a reaction of the body, in the initial position we have 50% on each leg and at the end of the Back swing we have 90% on the right foot at that point it is the moment of reaction to 100% at the start of the Dawn swing.
  • Once in the start position of the Dawn swing we have the body in a position of absolute control of the reaction at 100% support and we can generate the beginning of the Dawn swing creating a translation and rotation of the hip at the greatest power of our muscles generated by the reaction itself; maximum speed to the club and to the head that will make impact with the ball.

 The third step in our Short Line system; is to control the speed of the back swing; it must always be the same speed when starting the Short Line; is to go to the top of the technique; is to finish the back and be ready to start the attack in the Dawn swing.

The Fourth step in our Short Line system; When starting the Dawn swing we generate the initial movement in two (2) times:

  • The reaction we have on the right foot is used to change the weight of our body to the opposite leg by 90% and we start a physical contraction with the body without losing the position the control of the club that must follow in 90o. grades in relation to hands and club.
  • Once there we generate the power of pushing the right leg to the hip and spiraling, which causes the body to do the same rotation as the arms and of course the club.
  • It is there that the rotation speed is increased which allows the club to assume a precise position when making contact with the ball.

The fifth step in our Short Line system; The impact and accuracy of the blow will depend on the complete precision of the movement we make from the beginning to the end of the swing. The pendulum we make must meet these times with absolute precision as we move in the Short Line towards the Long Line of the full swing. If we manage to control the technical form our ball will go to the target we have defined.

Benefits you will find in you with Zen in Movement:

Our Short Line system with Zen in Motion will allow us to have absolute control of mental emotions and will define a precise concentration at the moment of making our blow, there is the strong point OF THE MOMENT is to feel the emotion of being able to control the situation of our entire environment at the moment of each of the blows.

We will seek to breathe in a better way and that our respiratory system is open and we feel that we are fed by enough air to generate inner power in every movement we make.

We will increase the power of the internal energy ki, thus we feed our mind and every cell; Ki gives us vitality to move and to make every decision at the time of the game.

With Zen Meditation we will find peace and mental tranquility, we can increase our patience which will allow us to further analyze the decisions we make, we can give ourselves the time in each play.

We will dominate the environment of the moment, when we are on the play, the audience and of course what we want to do with our game.

We can establish more clearly our vision of what we want in Golf as a source of income.

What will be our mission in the future with our game

The goals to look for with our professional pretensions and results

We will achieve:
  1. Control over the game in competition
  2. Emotional control of swing moment
  3. Emotional and physical stability during the game
  4. Conditioning of form and technique in the execution of each shot
  5. Emotional and physical confidence during the game.
  6. Search for the good result and competitive achievement
  7. My goals, what are they?
Zen en Movimiento will help you:
  1. Breathe correctly which leads to tranquility and calm
  2. Zen meditation leads us to inner peace together with the ki breath.
  3. Increase concentration in the game
  4. Patience for training
  5. We will achieve Calm to Use our moment of doing it in a good way



We will have more Control:
  1. About our mind
  2. The body
  3. The movements
  4. The speed of doing each technique in the swing
  5. We can control our emotions in the competition
  6. We can control the walking from shot to shot in the game
  7. We can have more time to establish the strategy of each shot
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