Who is AiKi

Ai is Union and Ki is the Internal Energy of every living being, especially the human being who can use Ki to live in the daily life.


We will learn to unite and feel the Ki giving it greater power through Zen in Movement.


The Ki can be felt, its power can also be increased through moving techniques and exercises where breathing takes part, which is the fundamental basis of the power of Ki in each of us.

The Ki without a good breath is difficult to remain strong in us, for which for Zen in Motion it is important to know how to breathe properly oxygenate our body properly and from there it begins to strengthen the Ki.

Also the positions are important in which we put our body in such a way that all our internal organs are in their natural position and can be bathed with the air we breathe, so that they can work properly in their respective functions that the body needs from them. .

Once we get an adequate Zazen or ShiZenTai position and properly control our breathing we can experience the comfort that is to do it correctly and use it in the body according to the techniques that we are practicing in the Zen classes in Movement.

Now the breathing cycle is the key to start feeling that we use the internal Ki and strengthen it day by day feeling and knowing what we are doing, the achievements we seek with the practices.

The time will come for us to have an absolute connection with our Ki and we can use it in our normal and specific situations of our activities in every movement we do, no matter which one … we will use our Ki; when we wake up, when we shower, when we have breakfast, when we drive, when we go to work or school, in our work, when doing our sport etc. We will have more control over the MOMENT and the movements we make.

Ki is in us always; It is the vitality with which we think and do our activities … that is Ki.

With Zen in Movement we will make a strong union of Ki to use it and be able to have greater mental clarity; greater physical power and project that power towards our old age to arrive physically strong and mentally lucid.

That is our MISSION to be able to give people who are in our school all these healthy messages and that can acquire a better quality of emotional life and physical conditions.

Zen Master   IVAN MAYOR

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