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Zen in Golf
Short Line System

What is

Zen in Movement

Zen in Movement is the way to master your patience, which is the highest point of mental and physical tranquility.  On one side, we seek peace and tranquility through the use of three elements: Ki breathing, Zen Meditation and Concentration. On the other side, we seek to calmly go through all actions and daily movements of life. By having control of our actions through Zen, we demonstrate our ability to master our senses in reaction to our decisions and movements.

In Zen, every moment is mental in Golf,  your mind becomes the architect of your swing. We must be able to have complete control of our movements, by dominating our inner self.

Our system bring our mind and body together, allowing us to have accuracy in every moment, while remaining confident and centered when executing any type of shot. This means that our body will do what we ask of it, especially when we are teaching it the basic fundamentals of the swing, such as timing and speed in action and reaction.

 The Short Line System refers to the beginning of the back swing, when our mind gives triggers our body to move, initiating the swing. This system reaches us what muscles we need to start moving and at what speed (rhythm). The correct rhythm will give our mind the time needed to feel and control the emotions and movements needed to perform a solid swing.

Short Line System is the beginning of the full swing, it is what allows the golfer to be able to control the good technical form in each of the articular movements of the back swing and downtime and speeds in each of them. swing and manage the 

Modulo 1: 8am - 10am

Short Line System of the  1  day

Introduction to Zen in Movement:

Ivan Mayor, Zen Master:

  • Professional Martials Instructor since 1973.
  • Professional Golf Coach since 2004
  • Creator of Zen in Golf and the “Short Line System”
  • Zen Master since 2010.

Zen en action and Reaction: Triangle Zen:

  • What is Zen?
  • What is Zen in Movement?
  • What is Patience?
  • What is Zen Action?



Component of Zen:

  • Ki Breathing
  • Zen Concentration
  • Zen Calmness
  • Zen Control

Why is this Effective and important:

  • CREATED Mental Control over the body and its movements.
  • SHIN Mental Training and why if increment mental fortitude in Zen Meditation.
  • Breathing exercises with Aiki.
  • Golf Techniques with Waza

Benefits from the applications of these techniques.


Breathing exercises in Ki and Zen Meditation:

    • 15 Minutes AiKi Breathing exercises
    • 20 Minutes Meditation Zen

Modulo 2: 10:30am - 11:30am

Short Line System in the Golf swing:

  • What is the Short line System?
  • How to create it and apply it?
  • How to create fine muscle memory in ur swing?

Concentration during our golf round:

  • Long
  • Medium
  • Short
  • Fine.

Energy, Balance, Connection to the ground:

  • Exercises for better connection to the ground.
  • The importance of a solid Pre-Shot Routine.
  • How to join the mind with the body and golf club.
  • How to manage the right speed in the back swing and down swing.

Creating muscle memory in the movement of the swing.




When do we know if we are ready:

  • Reaching the energy needed to execute.

Tempo Control:

  • In the backswing
  • In the downswing
  • The three tempos of putting. (back, down impact)

Muscle Memory Practice:

  • Putting Practice
  • Union between the body and the Club
  • Backswing
  • Downswing
  • Impact

21 Days Online home Practice introduction:

  • Ki Training and Breathing
  • Zen Meditation
  • Putting Practice.

Zen in Movement is our ability to control the body, by controlling our minds and emotions.


Modulo 3 11:30 – 12pm


  • Pre Shot Routine
  • Putting Aiming
  • Posture,  Alignment and Principies.
Modulo 4 12pm – 12:30pm


  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Aiming
  • Posture, Alignment and Principies.
Modulo 4 12:30 – 1:00pm


  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Aiming
  • Posture, Alignment and Principies.
Modulo 4 1pm – 2pm


  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Aiming
  • Posture, Alignment and Principies.


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