Zen in Golf Mental Training Online” 21 DAYS OF PRACTICE of Putt ind & outdoor & Chipping

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live Zen in golf, short line system

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I am Ivan Mayor, Zen Master and Golf Coach in the USA.

After several years of hard work, I bring you LIVE to your home TV, PC, MAC, IPAD, IPHONE Zen In Golf Mental Training, where you with your children and family can improve Golf and learn to Breathe KI better, do Zen meditation and focus the concentration of the moment, Have more Calm and Control when doing it.

All of the above will make your golf movement grow with me, it will help you strengthen your mental attitude, increase the power of the internal energy Ki and your entire body’s ability to create muscle memory is within your golf swing.

We will use the AIKI that will allow us to unite all our energy and direct it in what we want to do. We will increase the Patience that will allow us to go step by step in our change and progress. Being Calm will be able to have clarity and take time when making a decision in the game and Mental and physical control when receiving the mental order of what to do.

ZEN teaches us two things: Meditation and Action in order to have absolute control of our actions and reactions. we will teach our body to acquire muscle memory with the techniques of the Short Line System; which allows us to acquire an absolute corporal control of the swing and of the emotions when we move. In other words to control the speed when doing it; something fundamental for the use of the thick muscles of our body.


Mental capacity to do it

Strength and power of the Mental Attitude to do it… That is Zen Action SHIN

Internal Power KI

Force and Energy KI, maximum power to focus the force in a moment

Technical Condition

Absolute Control over the created muscle memory and maximum physical efficiency in the stroke

Physical Capacity to Do It

work of maintenance and growth of strength and flexibility in the swing

The implementation for the course

With the Short Line System you will have three conditions under control: First, the Mental Attitude to Do It. Second, the condition and total control of the movements of our body in our swing. Third, we will acquire an ideal physical condition to enjoy the game and be prepared for high competition. 

There are three steps to take to achieve an identification with the swing. First: Work the mind and that it knows exactly the basic technique and how we will move the body in it. Control the speed of the back and down swing. At the same time, master the physical memory of the swing itself. This will allow a Total Control of the swing.

Know the power of the Internal Energy Ki, Second: know and apply the basic technique in the specific movement of the Short Line, we will create the Muscular memory with practice and contact with the ball. Mentally we will move the body and the precision when doing it

See the result of what we are doing, Third: we will be able to apply the strategy to the movement, determining how we will do it to find the result we are looking for. Action; Reaction and effect when hitting the ball to the target that we have traced.

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