Founder and Instructor of WOZM – World Organization of Zen Movement, ZEN Online and ZEN in Golf (2011) Professional Golf Coach since 2003 Founder of Ivan Mayor Golf Academy – Grand Palms Golf Resort and now at Cooper Colony Golf Club Founder of the Weston Open Junior Championship Tournament (2008) Golf Instructor at Bonaventure Country Club Founder of Bonaventure Golf Academy Shotokan Black Belt 6th DAN – 1985 Founder of the Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do in 1974 Karate-do Instructor at Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do for 25 years Co-founder of Federacion Colombiana de Karate-do Instructor at Federacion Colombiana de Karate-do for 15 years Sensei at Liga Antioqueña de Karate-do for 25 years President of Liga de Antioquia from 1994 to 1998 Led two Karate Pan-American Tournaments in Medellin Colombia in 1995 and 1997 Major Accomplishments Golf Us Kids Top 50 2010 – Honorable mention – for the top 50 golf instructors in the US due to outstanding work with Junior Students/players Received 3rd DAN in Karate from ITKF (Under Sensei Nishiyama – RIP) In 1985 received 6th DAN in Karate from FPK In 2014 two of my top students are awarded World Championships in Karate Teaching golf to students that are in the Autism Spectrum with great success Video con… Zen Master Ivan Mayor Video sobre… Zen Master Presentación Zen Escuela Online

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W.O.Z.M. WORLD ORGANIZATION ZEN IN MOVEMENT Affiliation to w.o.z.m. How senpai, instructor OR GOLF STUDENT Thank you for your interest and open this Zen WOZM document. See all the options you have to become a member as a student and then Senpai of our World Zen Organization on the Movement create your zen group as …

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