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Four classes per Month, starting on March 11th Mondays at 8:30pm ET. USA

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$60 per month, you will find the following:

Number Offering Details
1 Four (4) classes per month Online
2 One live online class per week with Ivan Mayor Online
3 Online course on Short Game System, Putt, Chip, Approach Online
4 Video assistance if necessary Online

Book Zen in Golf Mental Training in Amazon, our web page and Vimeo

This course, along with its online resources, is designed for those who wish to make a mental and technical change in their swing, with a special focus on the Short Game. Once completed, they will have advanced to another level in the way they view training and playing golf. They will clearly understand the difference between training and practice, in addition to having developed a new muscle memory and established a new habit, all from the comfort of their home.

Upon enrolling in the course and joining the group of golfers, they will have access to Short Game courses, which are essential for mastering short distances and improving accuracy near the green. Additionally, Ki breathing classes and Zen Meditation sessions are offered, along with specific training for habit formation and muscle memory development, crucial aspects for perfecting their Short Game and overall performance in golf.

The Short Game in Golf Course,

enriched with the philosophy of Zen in Movement, represents a revolution for golfers of all skill levels, offering an unprecedented depth in the short game, encompassing putting, chipping, approach, and bunker techniques. This innovative program stands out by integrating mindfulness and concentration techniques derived from Zen, providing participants not just with advanced technical skills, but also with mental tools to face the pressure and emotional challenges of the game.
Throughout this intensive experience, students will explore advanced techniques and psychological strategies, learning to perfect their precision, improve the control of their shots, and effectively minimize their scores on the field. Personalized instruction, combined with a thorough analysis of technique and meditative practices, offers a clear path to mastery in the most challenging aspects of golf.
Continuous online support ensures constant learning evolution, allowing participants to consolidate their new skills and deepen their understanding of Zen principles applied to golf. This course is specially designed for those looking to not only improve their technique but also their mental strength, providing the necessary tools to integrally transform their game.
Every Friday, we offer group personalized mental training sessions for up to 8 golfers at our location in Sunrise, FL, at SpringTree G.C., starting this February 16th, from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The Short Game in Golf Course with Zen in Movement invites golfers to commit to their personal and technical development, marking the begin

Additionally, and optionally, we offer lunch for $10 and an 18-hole round for $31.03.


Special Training every Thursday, I offer private personalized mental training sessions,

either one hour or one hour and forty-five minutes long, for individuals, couples, or groups, suitable for both novices and advanced players. The short game accounts for 50% of your performance in golf, and your score significantly depends on this skill. Contact me to schedule your appointment.

I invite you to discover “Zen in Golf: Mental Training,” a book that immerses the reader in the depths of golf, narrating the challenges every golfer faces throughout the various rounds of the game. This book, available on our website and on Vimeo for reading or listening to its narration, not only enriches with its stories but also evokes a whirlwind of positive emotions, showing how these were overcome or how they impacted the final score. It is also available on Amazon. It’s a must-read for those passionate about golf, looking to improve their game from a mental perspective, learning to handle challenges with the serenity and wisdom that Zen offers. “Zen in Golf: Mental Training” is more than a book; it’s a guide to transforming your approach to the game and to life.

Here is the course plan for the “Short Game System Online Live” organized into a table for a clear and structured overview:

Number Course Content Description
1 Introduction and Purpose of Each Training Establish objectives and the importance of each practice.
2 Ki Breathing Exercises to integrate body and mind through breathing.
3 Zen Meditation Sitting meditation practices in a chair or on a Zafu cushion to deepen concentration.
4 Zen Walking Meditation Integrate the mind into movement for full mind-body concentration.
5 Movement with Putting Techniques Focus on body movement during the back and down swing.
6 Routine and its 8 Steps Development of a pre-swing preparation sequence.
7 Swing Practice in Motion Creating muscle memory for a consistent swing.
8 Indoor and Outdoor Putting Training Adaptation to different putting environments.
9 Indoor and Outdoor Chipping Techniques to improve the short game in various environments.
10 Approach in Home (Backyard) Home approach practices to improve the game.
11 Attitude in Motion in Golf Developing a positive and focused mindset during play.
12 Personality and Control of Every Movement Integrating personal character into playing style and control of every movement while walking.

This plan details each step of the course, offering a comprehensive approach that encompasses both mental preparation and physical technique, ensuring holistic development in the art of golf..

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