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The First Course of the Three Month (90 Days) is Free. After this time the cost is the US$ 16 per Month.

In The course, at home with your family, they will learn to use mental power in movement to calm themselves. There are three lines that we will work on: The Mental SHIN, The Inner Ki Energy and the Control over our body WAZA.

1- AIKI Breathing Techniques

2- Zen Meditation in Zazen (sitting position)

3- Zen Meditation in Movement in Shi-Zen-Tai (standing)

If I’m ever ready for us to start, you just have to enroll in the course and we start on the day and time established. If you cannot be at the time of training, it will be taxed and you can do it at any time.

The beginning of a change of habit of your daily life, this first Zen OnLine Course of three months with 24 sessions is free for anyone who wants to make a change in their life.   Follow these steps: You must register to be able to do it or when you want to buy another.

live, zen meditacion y aiki breathing


I am Ivan Mayor, Zen Master and Pro Golf Coach in the USA.

After several years of hard work, I bring you LIVE to your home TV, PC, MAC, IPAD, IPHONE Zen in Movement, where you with your children and family can learn to breathe better with AIKI, to focus the Mind with the concentration during the moment of meditation, which will increase the understanding of what they see, hear and read. They will have more Control in what they do daily and will be able to manage time in a better way to avoid stress.

AIKI is the way we will unite our energy and we can use it in all our daily moments.

By practicing AIKI it will allow us to oxygenate our entire body to the maximum and to be able to use that power in any normal movement of life or especially when practicing a sport. We will create a habit with Ki breathing, we will have a good physical posture at all times; because we will be aware of the use of the air we breathe, converting it into internal energy and filling the body with it.

The AIKI transforms AIR, WATER and EVERY FOOD into energy … 

By uniting all our energy, we can direct it in what we want to do. We will increase the patience that will allow us to go step by step in our change and progress, calmness to be able to have clarity and take the time when making a decision in sport and mental and physical control when receiving the mental order of what to do.

Zen in Movement is Meditation and Control of our physical abilities and actions.

ZEN in Movement will teach us two things: Meditation and Action to have absolute control of our actions and reactions. With that, we will teach our body to acquire muscle memory with the Zazen and ShiZenTai techniques; which allows us to acquire an absolute corporal control of all our movements and of the emotions when we move, in other words to control the reactions to the external stimulus.

In these 21 days of Mental and Physical training, we will create a Habit of doing it and being able to continue doing it daily.


Mental capacity to do it

Strength and power of the Mental Attitude to do it… That is Zen Action SHIN

Internal  Energy KI

Force and Energy KI, are maximum power that can center the force in a moment

Technical Condition

Absolute Control over the created muscle memory and maximum physical efficiency in our sport

Physical Capacity to Do It Physical

work of maintenance and growth of strength and flexibility in all our movementss nuestros movimientos

two (2) live, zen meditation and aiki per week

The Implementation that we will need for the course

Zafu y Zabuton

Zen Meditation 

Ai Ki

Power of KI

The Final Force of Ki


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