“Zen in Golf Mental Training Online” 21 DAYS OF PRACTICE of Putt ind & outdoor & Chipping

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Zen in Golf seven Weeks of OnLine Mental Training

Short Game: Putt In and Out Door more Chipping

Mental Training with Zen in Movement for 7 weeks that can be divided into 5-hour Models for each person. Module # 1 Short Game has 21 OnLine practices. To do at home and in your Golf Club.

For High Competition Professionals, Pro Instructors, Pro applicants, Amateurs a digit of handicap and Golfers in General.

Cost of U $ 199.99 Take advantage of 50% discount

First week: we will condition our Mind and Body through Ki breathing and early Zen Meditation at home.

We will begin the practice of acquiring the muscle memory of the movement and shape of your golf swing with Putt Indoor and outdoor.

Putt Indoor y outdoor.

Second week;

It is essential to make each and every one of the videos of Ki Breathing and Zen Meditation.

Training should be done with all seriousness and commitment to progress.

Week 3 to 7; Mental training at home and in your Golf Club. We will place more emphasis on Ki Breathing, Zen Meditation sitting and in Movement, Zen Concentration, Zen patience, Zen Calmness, and Zen Control in Emotional and Physical along with the good form of your swing techniques.

We will do training to feel the union of our body and the club

Swing Training in the different swing techniques; applying Zen in Motion

They will have Periodization of the practice in the House and in the Driver range


Matt for Putting

Wedges for Chipping

Alignment lines

Zafu and Zabuton

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