curso En Vivo; Zen en campo de golf y Short Line System

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live: zen in golf short line system

With zen, we will dominate the moment by doing it right in the live course competition

Courses in Golf focuses on finding the way towards the Mental and Physical control of the moment in the Competition. We will increase the vital energy in our body so that it feeds our minds and go directly to the emotions. We will obtain Control of the Environment and specifically when we must act to do so at 100% of our capacity.

The course has the steps to master our Ki, Unite the inner power with Aiki, apply the Kiai correctly at the moment of hitting the ball, give it the greatest power when doing it Kime, build a good technical base to create the ideal muscle memory to be effective in each Kihon hit and must have the decision to do it and be effective with Zen Action.



Matt for Putting


Alignment lines

Zafu and Zabuton

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