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"La Concentración Zen"
Ivan D. Mayor
Zen y Karate-Do Master

Enjoy the clarity and peace of ‘The Zen Concentration Book,’ divided into 12 episodes designed to enrich your listening and reading experience. Each chapter guides you towards a meditative and focused practice, transforming your daily routine.

Embark on a journey to deep serenity with “Zen Concentration,” the first book that promises to transform your understanding of focus and tranquility. Within these pages, you’ll unlock ancient secrets to achieving profound concentration, allowing you to eliminate mental distractions and master the power of unwavering attention. As you delve into its chapters, you will achieve heightened awareness, improved mental clarity, and an indomitable inner calm. Embrace the discipline of Zen concentration and discover a renewed ability to overcome distractions, sharpen your cognitive skills, and achieve a harmonious balance in work and daily life.

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