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total control of our work environment

Zen corporate:

Zen will help create a mental and physical habit in 21 days … The end of it will be the beginning of having control in the way we can  become aware of our activities and work responsibilities, in turn, as we are more efficient and responsible when making any decision, the important thing is to take the one that is beneficial to our responsibilities. 

Zen will allow our emotions to be in coordination with responsibilities and being able to control them is what will allow us to be efficient and to be able to make the most correct decision.  

What is it:

Zen is meditation, the way to find inner peace. Zen is also the action of the moment that we live under the circumstances that we have created, especially in our work; how we control, interpret, manage, defend our creativity and production of the responsibility that we have assigned. That is managing the work environment and our daily life. 

To do a good daily Zen Meditation we must make correct use of the air when breathing; By doing it correctly with AIKI techniques we can transform it into energy and in turn into VITALITY, inner strength, each of the cells is fed by this explosion of energy and in turn all the muscles are activated and we can move with more efficiency and balance control of each movement. 

We will also increase concentration (Mind, Energy and body). Focus at all times on our responsibilities and actions at work, home, communication, sharing with colleagues and friends, behavior on the street, at work, in meetings and on the responsibility of producing and giving 100% in efficiency and in the future advancement of your company where I work. Concentration is the responsibility of managing all the moments.

AiKi is:

Aiki is the way in which we can unite and strengthen our inner energy and transfer its full power to our mind and body. It is possible to strengthen our emotions, thoughts, desires, love, kindness, friendship, comprehension, decisions, movements, etc. That is Zen Aiki, the union of inner power to accomplish everything.

Benefits with Zen in Movement:

First: Emotional Balance; Mental Patience:

How we breathe Ki
  1. How we breathe better and oxygenate our body and brain which will allow us to nurture patience and the freedom to see the environment and take the time to make the best of decisions.
As through Zen Meditation

2. As through Zen Meditation we can obtain spiritual peace and at the same time tranquility to see the environment and make the most appropriate decision.

As through Concentration

3. As through Concentration we can focus and analyze each moment and perceive its future, this is a specific focus on our thoughts as a reaction to our priority objective.

Second: Physical Balance; Patience to act and mentally control all physical movement in our activities:

Calm is the initial step

4. Calm is the initial step of the action of making a decision and that this is the correct one, it is here where we use our body and mind when carrying out any activity within our responsibilities. 

Control is the action

5. Control is the action prior to execution, it is where we are mentally and physically ready to act and do our best according to the knowledge we have of what to do. Control is the mental over the physical.

Zen is Action

6. Zen is Action, it is arriving 100% prepared to make or make the best decision in our responsibility, it is where we have perceived all the possibilities and results, as results we act conscientiously looking for the best result of the decision when doing it.

Zen Corporate

By uniting the seven steps of Zen in Motion we are integrating the values ​​of each of them into our behavior and way of acting in each of the moments and situations of daily life.

    1. We can increase our inner vitality to generate greater power in each of our movements.
    2. Our mental attitude will be more vigorous and definitive; creating more confidence in our ability to decide on our responsibilities. 
you can control the method at the time

Note: All programs include a Zen OnLine program of 21 trainings and acquiring the Habit in Ki Breathing and Zen Meditation. Zen

Course Permanent meditation at home and at work, before starting work and at the end of each daily task; Just 5 minutes to become aware of what we do and the end of what we did, give us strength and emotion to come back tomorrow to work with low energy and desire to do the best

There are many factors in controlling our short line method

1-  To exactly know which is the pre-routine and put our body in a position to do it or be ready to start the back swing

2-  Since we are mentally ready and can bridge the mental and physical state of readiness to start the back swing like so:

  • The physical pre-routine together with AIM
  • The connection of hands and club, the grip
  • The correct distance to the ball
    Internally mustering our Ki in internal action and external reaction
  • We completely relax our body and are ready to start the back swing
  • The start speed of the Short Line is the most important part of the system, we 100% start with the shoulders. Generating an internal action looking for a support point in the right leg to spark a reaction which will be the down swing.
  • The short line defines and enables the full swing in four times and in each one of them there is an acceleration to strike.

benefits you will find within yourself with
zen in movement

  • Short Line system with Zen in Movement will allow us to have absolute control the situation of our entire environment at the moment of each of the blows.
  • We will seek to breathe in a better way and that our respiratory system is open and we feel that we are fed by enough air to generate inner power in every movement we make.
  • We will increase the power of the internal energy ki, thus we feed our mind and every cell; Ki gives us vitality to move and to make every decision at the time of the game.
  • With Zen Meditation we will find peace and mental tranquility, we can increase our patience which will allow us to further analyze the decisions we make, we can give ourselves the time in each play.
  • We will dominate the environment of the moment, when we are on the play, the audience and of course what we want to do with our game.
  • We can establish more clearly our vision of what we want in Golf as a source of income.
  • What will be our mission in the future with our game
  • The goals to look for with our professional pretensions and results
We will achieve:

1-  Control over start in competition
2-  Controlling our emotions when swinging the club
3-  Emotional and physical stability during the match
4-  Technical and form conditioning when taking every shot
5-  Physical and emotional confidence during the match
6-  To look for a good result in competition
7-  Mi goals, what are they?

Zen in Golf will help you to:

1-  Correctly breathe which leads to calmness 

2-  Zen meditation takes us to inner peace in conjunction with Ki breathing

3-  Increase our match concentration

4-  Patience for training

5-  We will achieve calmness to perform in a good manner when it comes time to do so

We will have more Control:

1-  Over our mind

2-  Over our Body

3-  over how we Movement 

4-  The timing of each swing technique

5-  We will control our emotions when competing

6-  We can control the way our shots go in every match

7-  We will more time to establish the strategy of each shot


Short line method pDF

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