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Premium Membership of Zen in Golf, you will find the following courses integrated in your membership:  Live Zen Meditation OnLine, Zen in Golf Mental Training (21 week program in English and Spanish), Zen Putt ind and Out Door (English and Spanish, you can do it at home and in the green of your Club), More Zen-Do (path of Zen Meditation), AiKi (Increase Inner Energy), Zen On Line School (where you can be part of WOZM). Junior Zen Meditations (children will be able to increase Concentration, Understanding for study) and Zen Plan 21 Days to create a Habit (make a change in your life with this Plan; you will always remember me).

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la Membresía Premium en Golf además de todos os programas mencionados arriba tendrá Meditaciones Zen en Zazen (sentado) y en ShiZenTai (de pie), ademas hacer parte de la Escuela Zen On Line.
Zen en Golf Mental Training Putt & Chipping

Zen in Movement will allow you to use Mind and your internal Ki energy to move your body with absolute control of the swing.


What You Will Find: The ideal mental and physical state to find the TEMPO Moment on the impact of your Putt, Chipping, Approach, Iron, Woods and driver.

Aimed at: Every golfer who wishes to enter into his game and obtain improvement and control of movement, regardless of age.

Zen in Golf Putt Indoor and Outdoor

Zen in the Golf; How can we use all our mental and physical power in the management and control of the movement of our swing in Golf, mainly in the Putt where 50% is part of the round. Do this essay at home and on the green of your club, then decide to make a change in your game, starting with you from the Mental point of view. So you can acquire the control and control of the moment of doing it in your field or in the competition.

Zen Meditation OnLine is an excellent opportunity to do Zen Meditation at home and to help us in the control and improvement of our sport.

ZEN DO “The way of the Meditation” 

The human being needs 21 days, moments, classes, training to acquire a habit. Zen Plan 21 is directed to this purpose of bringing it to its spiritual Center (Hara) and making the mental and physical healthy change.



The children when doing this Zen Meditation program, will be able to acquire a habit of doing it daily which will lead them to increase their concentration and incidentally increase the percentage of understanding when reading or simply listening to the teacher.

Plan Zen 21 Days to create an Habit of the Meditation and spiritual in your Life

The human being needs 21 days, moments, classes, training to acquire a habit. Zen Plan 21 is directed to this purpose of bringing it to its spiritual Center (Hara) and making the mental and physical healthy change.


At school we will seek to find our spiritual path once there we will strengthen our Mental Attitude, increase the power of inner energy and teach our body to move and learn specific techniques of our daily activities, which we will master

With Ai Ki we will unite the inner energy and strengthen through the Ki Breathing, the Zen Meditations and the Zen Concentration. Guided by its different themes related to the increase of the inner power. For this we need a guide who takes us; guide us and help us to increase our life values; as Patience fundamental step in Zen from where we can give off other action values such as The Calm of being able to think about what we will do correctly and then The Control of being able to have a Mental and Physical balance in any moving action; with the physical skill of our body, which only does what we have been taught to do and that we can control and act according to our stimuli and reactions.

We can identify the moment and control it when we have imbalances in our emotions such as depression, happiness, peace, reactions, self-esteem, self-esteem.

Aiki is the one who multiplies and guides your Ki energy; He will help you find yourself and control yourself.

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